After-Sales Service

Luna Equipos Industriales, S.A. has an efficient and quick after-sales service which is adapted to the customer requirements. This service is provided by the LUNA authorized dealers in the different countries or by authorized workshops in continuous training.
All technicians in charge of the after-sales service are trained by LUNA. Add to that, the technicians in our factories are ready to travel where it might be required to help our assistance services in the different countries.
Whenever it seems necessary, we send one of our technicians to help our customers in the starting up of the machine and to train them to do the maintenance of the equipments.
All our equipments are supplied with the corresponding technical literature, which can be easily understood, (Operator's, Maintenance and Spare Parts Manuals). The LUNA company has a large spare parts warehouse to guarantee a quick supply of these parts. On the other hand, with the purpose of securing a continuous training, we offer additional courses to the personnel engaged in the management and assistance of the LUNA machines.

Official Technical Service